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We don't need no, education ...

Writing on Sunday evening, after a pleasant day of grumbling at long-winded IT homework and watching pretty little tidbits of The IT Crowd (two activities that may seem similar, but trust me, the latter was infinitely more enjoyable). Though I obviously *love* Moss on principle, what with his lovely glasses (like the equally adorable Yuki from Casualty) and my own geekitude, I realised today how greatly I love Roy. Maybe it's the accent. It's probably at least partly the slashy undertones with Maurice (*sporfles*). It's definitely the  UTTERLY GORGEOUS T-SHIRTS. <333

I a lot of slogan T-Shirts, they are a special love of mine, but Roy's shirts are obviously badassery at it's greatest and they make me feel unnaturally happy and worryingly jealous. I have a pretty awesome Gary from Spongebob, a tiger in shades and a SLOGAN T-SHIRT OF HIS OWN (which says "Easy, tiger" on it, too BAMFy for it's own good), and a Chesire cat from the new Alice in Wonderland (Fry!voice made me wibble on every level) with the words "curiouser and curiouser" on it, but Roy has ..

A wizard has turned you into a whale. Is this awesome, y/n?

My brain broke and my squee button jammed up. As my jaw tore itself apart and my mother worried.

So yeah, that BURNING ENVY out of the way, I started back at school on Thursday, which was surprisingly enjoyable. I mean, I was ready to enjoy seeing everyone and I enjoy school IMMENSELY generally anyway, but the first day back is always a bit *blerrghh* when you get your timetable and you realise you have some hateful teachers, and I'm just giggling and jittery and no one else could really give two shandies about their education today, at least. But it was fab!! :DD

My last lesson on Thursday was double AS Religious Studies, one of my options and now the most gloriously geeky thing I have to cling to, other than David Mitchell the day I finally meet him.  <3  The other students who'd chosen it didn't strike me as the types, but I was surprisingly not intimidated, and when I was the one that spoke at length for the majority of the lesson most of them looked genuinely interested by my words, and not terribly annoyed!! Success and joy, especially as I got to cover some glorious nerdy favourite subjects of mine, e.g. 1984, Inception, my hatred of the way all the people I know reacted to news of the Large Hadron Collider, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, the impact of Greek polytheism on their views towards fate and destiny, paradoxical architecture, deceiving the human senses, and quite possibly half of it was quoted from episodes of QI, who my teacher fangirled over with me after the lesson, and then she lent my her copy of 'The Matrix', as I'm apparently one of the seven humans on the planet yet to see it. It was alright. I liked some bits, but I mostly just laughed at innappropriate things. And the end was so ridiculously shot that I didn't even have the energy to be outraged, I just ROFLed intensely.

So yes, I was a total geek and a bit of an accidental teacher's pet but I hope tomorrow is as great. Oh, and I saw that my favourite couple in the world is still going strong despite my sad disattachment from one of its participants. (He was unintentionally one of the funniest and most considerate teachers I've ever had. And he's obsessed with The Matrix and he dresses like a Shakespeare living above a clothes-dye shop!!)  ;PP

On a competely unrelated note, I saw a little bit of Disney Pixar's Cars today, whilst channel-hopping, and was reminded of how much I UTTERLY **LOVE** that Jeremy Clarkson is the voice of Lightening McQueen's agent. I just .. the idea of him accepting the job, the thought of him taking his kids to see it and them either being thrilled or not even noticing and his inevitable sulking .. James jokingly ribbing him about it for ages, Hammond giggling away as he covertly writes plans for what will one day be Blast Lab ... AWWWW. <33 I'm going to have to fic this now, and I know it.

And oh yes, I'm going to have to watch some Jonathan Creek now because a) It's detection and that rules, and b) It's Alan Davies getting to act freaky clever and clearly loving it like WOAH, all whilst in a duffel coat and Converses (Y) with that gorgeous hair flopping about that pretty little windmill of his. <33 I approve.

Well, best be off. That little weird rant (it was cheerful, is it even allowed to be a rant anymore?? Answers on a postcard ... ) was nice, though. Bring on the alarm clock.