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Brief Outline of Current Major Squee-Inducers

Sherlock BBC:-
Pairing: Sherlock/John, duh.
Obsessions: Sherlock/John, the jumper of badassery, and anything Watson!related at all, as I love Watson and I *love* Martin Freeman and so I absolutely adore his incarnation.
Will be posting: 'A Tale of Two Wars', a fic I wrote for a nightmare-based prompt at sherlockbbc_fic as an anon, which is now also over at FanFiction.Net (my username there is .GingerIntelligence.). 'Tis 3 chapters long, and I enjoyed writing it a lot, though it didn't turn out how I wanted it.
I'm also going to look at some other prompts once my LJ and all the posts over there are a little more organised, as I am considering filling quite a few as one shots. (Y)

Casualty (BBC One):-
Pairing: Yuki/Lenny, hinting at or working up to slash OR just plain lovely bromance. <33
Obsessions: These two ^^. Only reason I watch the show (except perhaps Nick Jordan ;D). They are lolarious, etc, etc. and last Saturday they made me cry.
Will be posting: 'Doctors Heal The Hurting', perhapppsss, a multi-chapter Yuki/Lenny thing-a-ma-jig that sporadically fluctuates between being quite good and being OOC or rambly or just not right. It's quite Yuki!centric (he's my fave) though, and follows an alternate timeline after he returned to the ED in S24E36. Can also be found on FF.Net for ease, but I know some don't use this.
Am also contemplating beginning a one-shot coda for S24E48 and/or 49 ('What Tonight Means to Me; Part 1 and/or 2) that follows the original plot, if I have time. RL is killing me, before fandom has even had a chance to take over. =((

RPS - David Mitchell/Charlie Brooker:-
Pairing: Wellllll. ^^^
Obsessions: I came across an LJ user (whose name I won't quote because they don't know me yet) rambling about her love for these two a while back, and instantly realised I agreed. I remembered them and her yesterday, and they are part of the reason I've joined LJ. I just love their bickering and misanthropy, and how it's all really just thinly-veiled fondness. Both of them are clearly quite friendly and sweet people, but hilariously opinionated too. And, joking or not, Brooker does make a lot of kinky jokes in Mitchell's direction. ;P
Will be posting: Maybe some weird fics, general squeeing, and whatever I can remember of my dreams about them, because everyone I like in RPF haunts me in the night. EVERYONE. James May in particular has adopted me so many times in dreams (there was one epic one where we lived in the LEGO house together, and Clarkson came round for tea and a shag) that my male Top Gear-watching friends are now convinced that he will one day be my father. I CAN'T WAIT.
Last night, my subconscious told me that Brooker was my father and that we fell asleep cuddled up in front of the TV together, him sniping and blaspheming and me giggling into his blazer 'til I went sparko. David Mitchell made us all tea, looked slightly bemused, kissed Brooker on the cheek and then went upstairs to bed.