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Smoke curls within your eyes, you see ...

.. obstruction is your clarity.

I am a 14-year-old redhead from London.

I am atheist who is fascinated by the evolution ... of religion (bet you didn't expect THAT) and the sense of purpose and principle so many of my friends gain from it; so much so that I am taking an A Level in Philosophy and Ethics next year instead of a standard GCSE in another subject.

I do not see myself as an accomplished artist but I enjoy using the symbolism of imagery to depict things I have read, heard or felt, and am a big fan of experimenting with colour.

I love writing, rambling and waxing lyrical, but I usually just scrawl in my best black ink on old scraps of paper, or in a shiny new diary that I always forget to use, BECAUSE I FAIL AT THE INTERWEB.

I am starting Year 10 of my secondary education in less than 2 weeks, and am having a bit of a rough time in RL, and so I am leaving my lurkerish days behind and actually interweb participating by joining LiveJournal, and hope to post a lot. I spend the majority of my time distracting myself from RL with fandom-flailing, so I hope keeping a journal (both on and offline) and connecting with people who share my love for these fandoms will help me be more constructive, and maybe get some more good fiction and poetry out of me. ;DDD

I find most things cynical or surreal amusing, and I will friend or accept friend requests even if we only have one interest in common, as long as the person is friendly, which most of LJ is. *Very* friendly =)).

1984, 3oh!3, adventure, alan davies, alice in wonderland, all american rejects, all time low, animal farm, apple crumble, baking, ben & jerry's, bowling for soup, breaking benjamin, brooker/mitchell, canvas bags, casualty, charlie brooker, childish humour, cirque du freak, clarkson/may, cobra starship, comedian autobiographies, converse, cynical comedy, cynicism, dan brown, dara o'briain, dark comedy, david mitchell, doodling, dressing down blazers, dressing up jeans, dykeenies, dystopian fiction, ear seatbelts, edward/jacob, ellie goulding, fantasy, feigning innocence, fic writing, florence and the machine, flyleaf, george orwell, good charlotte, green, harry potter, hell of it all, holmes/watson, imogen heap, inception, interweb flailing, jack dee, jack whitehall, james may, jeremy/james, ke$ha, laughing just because, linkin park, live at the apollo, lurking like a lurker, mariana's trench, martin freeman, mcr, merlin, merlin/arthur, michael mcintyre, mint hot chocolate, mock the week, moss/roy, muse, mystery, neon trees, never mind the buzzcocks, onerepublic, outnumbered, owl city, p!nk, painting, panel shows, paramore, pedantry, pendulum, poetry, procrastination, purple, qi, raspberry ribena, reading, religious speculation, reviews, riddles, russell howard, safetysuit, satire, satirical comedy, science fiction, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, sherlock/john, sketching, slash, slashing hetero teachers, slogan t-shirts, stand up, stephen fry, surreal comedy, syed/christian, thanks for nothing, the fray, the hoosiers, the it crowd, the killers, the sorcerer's apprentice, tickling the english, top gear, tvtropes, twilight, utilising vocabulary, watches, we the kings, weird pairings, wisecracking like a weirdo, writing, you have been watching, you me at six, yuki/lenny